Cesare Sailing


A moment of growth for every sailor. These experiences aim to implement each one’s skills and to cooperate within a working group: the crew. Our activities are structured like university courses. Each participant can prepare a customized study plan by identifying the topics they prefer among the different options and combining the learning and relaxing moments according to the rhythm they prefer through the learning-by-doing method.



Your growth is our goal! Our established experience is at your service.

Alone is good, together is better! In a crew everyone learns from each other.

8 days, 7 nights aboard Akoya, a wonderful Baltic Yachts 58!

The sailing brings everyday to new challenges and increases the bonds between you and the elements around you. Choose which skills you would like to improve and take part in our course to perfect them.

If it is a matter of adjusting the sails or managing a crew, the planning, meteorology’s interpretation or adjusting a power plant: on board, you will never stop learning.




  1. On board securiy
  2. Personal security
  3. Firefighting principles
  4. Emergencies and urgencies at seas
  5. First aid

passage planning

  1. Interpretation of the meteorological information over time
  2. Collection of useful information for the trip
  3. Chart work, passage planning, overnight anchorages and safe haven
  4. shift management
  5. pantry


  1. Sails’ settings
  2. Points of sailing
  3. Helming

Manouvres and setting sail

  1. Maneuvers in port
  2. Anchorages

rules and laws

  1. Collision avoidence rules
  2. Navigation lights
  3. Buoyage and danger markers


  1. Management of the crew
  2. Difficult situation handeling
  3. Leadership

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