Extensively renovated in 2013, Akoya has a new 14 mm teak deck, new gunwale travellers, has been painted and had many other upgrades and replacements. Since then, she has undertaken cruises all over the Mediterranean, and careful attention has been paid to maintenance.

Akoya is a Baltic Yachts boat, designed by the renowned Sparkman & Stephens studio that has designed many America’s Cup boats.
Since its launch in 1993 Akoya has become widely known in the sailing world by winning places on the podium at Fastnet, Cowes Week and the Gotland Rundt.

After a number of important regattas, including the 2008 Round the World Race, it was renovated in 2013 in order to be used more as a cruiser than a racer, while still retaining the look of a pure blood regatta yacht. In recent years Akoya has sailed far and wide in the Mediterranean undertaking chartered cruises in the summer.


Originally produced for a Naples regatta shipowner, Akoya is one of four Sparkman & Stephens Baltic 58s. The stern was extended at the time of construction to create more storage space, a larger deck and a custom design: Baltic 60 Custom. In addition to several cruises, Akoya has distinguished herself in many regattas on the open sea, taking first place in the ARC 2007, third place in the 2005 Baltic Cup, second in the Fastnet 1993 and first in the Round Gotland Race in Sweden in 1993. She certainly cannot be called a slow boat! In fact, from 2007 to 2009 she went around the world.


This model was the third of a production series with Sparkman & Stephens and followed the same philosophy as the previous Baltic 64 and Baltic 52. Although the racing scene had moved on to flat keel projects, our 58 demonstrated that by using a light structure, even if equipped with comfortable interiors, it was possible to produce a boat that can compete in races and at the same time provide very comfortable, safe family cruises.