Hey ho! I’m Cesare. When I turned 18 I got my boat licence even before sitting my driving licence.
In the years that followed I would often hire a sailing boat with friends and go sailing. And I have never stopped.


It all started when several years ago I had an experience in the boating field. From that moment I have not been able to leave this fascinating world. I started as a sailing instructor in Sardinia, where I learned a lot and had the opportunity to compare myself with other instructors who had more experience than me. Every day I could put new techniques into practice and refine the tricks of the trade. Later, again with the sailing school, I started being the captain on keelboat sailing courses and the skipper on sailing holidays. Then I worked as a skipper with charter agencies and private individuals until I decided to start my own business and fulfil my dream.

Let me start by saying that a lifetime is not long enough to learn everything you need to know about being a faultless skipper: it is necessary to study the physics of fluids, the mechanics of motors, know how to work with different materials, know about meteorology, psychology and have at least one hundred years of experience at sea. A good skipper must be calm and know how to handle all types of situations. It is essential to understand people and be able to make decisions quickly.

After obtaining an Italian boat licence I gained some experience by going on trips, working as a sailing instructor and skipper for Sardinian agencies. Later I studied and obtained the British RYA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification in Malta and now I am preparing to sit the Master 200GT, an international commercial qualification. I have read a number of books and am up to date with regard to new technologies and I love talking to anyone who knows more than I do.

He must always think of the safety of the crew and the boat, therefore, I would say that he must be attentive. He must be authoritative, stay calm at all times, inspire confidence and manage situations in a decisive, firm manner.

He must be sociable and understanding of the people on board who are often on holiday and not doing national service in the navy. He must be able to talk about all kinds of things and entertain the guests; he should be likeable.

Lastly, he must have great respect for the sea and the environment that surrounds it and he must always be well informed about the places he visits and make the crew aware of the importance of respecting the environment.

Safety is my main concern, I have done a number of courses and I like studying approaches to problems at sea with my colleagues. Prevention comes first. I think that I am quite authoritarian; certainly with experience it gets easier. If there is an adjective that describes me well it is calm; I face problems very calmly and I think before doing anything at sea. You don’t shout at sea. I know how to entertain the guests and at the same time I know how to leave them to it when necessary, therefore, I would say that I am well suited to being good a captain!


I was born and grew up in Switzerland in the mountains and the snow. My passion for the sea started many years ago in a little village in Liguria where I spent the summer as a child, passing my days among the rocks and beaches with friends. When I discovered the magic of boats I was immediately fascinated by their enigmatic movements on the waves, the sense of freedom and their long history.